Urban Fantasy – so, is that like YA?

One of the most amazing things about attending this year’s BEA was the number of other book lovers who wanted to talk about NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED.  At the signing, wandering the booths, in the line at the restrooms – people were primed to talk books and one glance at my “Author” ID tag was enough to get the ball rolling.

Even though I’m still not the best at giving a concise summary of my storyline, I usually managed to explain enough to draw some questions.  The one that came up most often: So what is the age-range for your book’s audience?

I can understand the confusion.  Urban Fantasy seems to be quite an encompassing category.  I could explain the genre as having a contemporary setting with supernatural elements, but have found that definition usually leads to a series of follow-up questions: Is Twilight UF? (I have no idea)  Is your book like Twilight? (not at all) Are vampire books UF? (some, I think, but most of the vampire books I read are actually paranormal romance.)

The heroine of NO PEACE, Magnolia, is barely in her twenties so there is definitely a coming-of-age element to her story.  Still, the book is being marketed as Dark, Urban Fantasy for a reason.  I’m not saying that older teenagers wouldn’t enjoy the fantasy, action, and even the romance of the story, but the graphic torture scenes will most assuredly keep the book out of the Young Adult (YA) genre.

I admit, when writing this first book, I didn’t actually have an audience in mind.  That being said, I’m not planning on letting my pre-teen children read it any time soon. Their recently-home-from-college babysitter, however, loves it;)


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