One more week!!

One more week until NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED is released in bookstores, ebook, and audio book!

I received the books last week.  Not Advance Reader Copies, not proofs – actual, real books that are going to be in stores!

Here’s the back cover. I love the smoky swirls:)

Okay, enough of my gushing.  I have a couple of interviews, appearances, guest blogs, etc. coming up over the next month or so, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the whens and wheres.  Until then, please excuse my excessive squeals over the next seven days – I just can’t help myself;) *SQUEEE!!*


4 responses to “One more week!!

  1. Oooh, I love the swirly blue on the back!!!

    • OMG! I know! The swirlies wrap around the spine from the front – I’m so freaking loving that!!

  2. Diane Hollowell

    I just finished reading No Peace for the Damned and LOVED IT!! I am so bummed that I didn’t get you to autograph my book at BEA were I received the ARC copy. I am a school librarian and I can’t wait to tell my colleagues and students about your book, I know I will be purchasing a few copies because with my review and recommendation the book will not be spending a lot of time idle on the shelf. I look forward to another book from you, great job!

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