Updates and Edits

My incredible editor reached out to me last week to let me know that edits are underway for the second book in the Magnolia Kelch Damned series. This is a pretty nerve-wracking time where I spend any free moments wondering, “What will they want changed?” “Will they like the story line?” “Will they want something added/taken away?” “Will they even like the second book?”

It will be a few weeks before everyone has their notes ready to discuss, but in our communication, there was one point that my editor wanted to mention as something specific to think about: the title needs changed.

The working title for NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED’s sequel has been NO REST FOR THE DAMNED. (hence, the Damned series) While the continuity is something we all like, there is a worry that the two titles are too similar — this is a worry on both their end and mine.


A new title will be coming for this second book.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas and let me tell you, you can get pretty creative when it comes to using the word “Damned” in a book title;)  As soon as I have something official, you can be sure I’ll share the good news.  Until then, I’ll simply refer to this second book as Book 2 whenever I offer up an update – which won’t be all that often because I really must finish my current work-in-progress before my team gets back to me with editing deadlines!

That being said, back to writing:)


2 responses to “Updates and Edits

  1. Yay!!!!! Although I liked the title of the second book, I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome. I can’t wait until its finished!

  2. I like No Rest For The Damned. cant wait to read it.

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