Distractions or research?

As I’ve slowly gotten past the initial holy-crap-I’m-totally-overwhelmed stage of my edits for the sequel to NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, I find that some of the new scenes I’m writing require me to mentally “get in the mood”.  I’m not just talking about the love scenes – although, yes, there are some pretty “holy crap” moments in that area – but I’m also talking about the confrontational scenes, the introspective scenes, those scenes that move Magnolia even further away from the horrors of her past.

So for inspiration, I’ve done what I always do: I’ve been reading. A lot.

I have my standard go-to books for whenever I want to get in a certain frame of mind. The sex scenes are easy (I’ve never been shy about admitting my borderline obsession with JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brothers), but the other scenes have required a little more…research.  I’ve tried new authors, enjoyed new series, tackled old favorites – reading while searching for specific emotional enticement.

Unfortunately, problems arise when using this method of inspiration. Namely, I really get into the books I read. As in, really, REALLY, get into the books I read.  How can I be expected to edit my next scene when Eve Dallas only has so long to find New York’s latest serial killer? Tough girl Anita Blake may have the perfect vulnerable moment, but I can’t be expected to walk away in the middle of an argument with Asher and Jean-Claude.  And that’s just two of the books on my “inspirational” list.

*sigh* With deadlines approaching I’m afraid I may have to change my method of gaining a scene’s emotional foothold.  Music, maybe? Pulling from past personal experiences?  We’ll see.

In the meantime, Jim Heron is about to take on Devina in the struggle to save the next soul on his list. Talk about inspiration waiting to happen;)


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