Revising, editing, and other fun stuff

Laurell K. Hamilton (one of my many author-obsessions) once said that a book isn’t finished until you actually see it on the shelf.  This is so very true.

I’ve made it past the first round of edits for the sequel to NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, and have started on round two of revisions.  This is what I like to think of as the fun round.  The large storyline edits and changes are done. Now it’s all about the details – making sure everything is consistent, tying up all the loose ends, making sure I didn’t accidentally change a character’s hair color mid-book.  Like I said, the fun stuff.

For those who have asked, right now this second book is looking at a release date in the beginning of summer 2013.  I know it seems like forever but believe me when I say that we (me and my uber-awesome editing team) are doing our best to make the wait worth your while:)

And on that note, back to the revising board…


One response to “Revising, editing, and other fun stuff

  1. I can’t wait.

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