Another reason I love my publisher

I was literally sitting here last night, taking a break from line edits and brainstorming titles, when a Barnes & Noble holiday ad popped up on my desktop.  It said something along the lines of: Check out these great titles, on sale now for the holiday season.  (I exited the page before I could copy down what the ad actually said)

“Hmm,” I mused, “I wish I could get NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED to be part of a holiday ad like that.”

I kid you not, I woke up this morning with an email from my incredible Author Relations manager saying that they wanted to include NO PEACE in a promotion of 50 titles on sale now through December 24.

See? Awesome publisher, right there.

So here you go, 50 books on sale for $5.00 each:) And for those who asked during the October 100 promotion, this includes paperback editions, not just Kindle editions.

I’m just full of the happy-happy-joy-joy’s right now:) Now, back to the brainstorming.


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