2013 Intentions

I’m not making resolutions this year mainly because if I learned anything from 2012, it was to never make promises you can’t keep. Even if that promise is to yourself.  So instead of resolutions that I have about a 50/50 chance of fully committing to, I’m making New Year’s Intentions.  This what I intend to do in the coming year assuming every minute of every day goes exactly as I plan:)

1. Write at least two more books.  I have about four or five books thoroughly outlined (both for the Damned series and not) and I’m sick of knowing that the details are all there just waiting to be put to paper.  This year I’m bringing those stories to life. Or maybe some other stories that randomly pop into my head, I don’t know, but either way, at least two more books.

2. (And this is a big one) Increase my online presence.  I’m scared to death of self-promotion.  There, I said it.  Talking about myself as an author absolutely terrifies me.  (This is actually the main reason I don’t keep this website up-to-date like I should)  But this year, that is changing.  I’m going to keep this website up-to-date with book news, reviews, links, heck, I don’t even know what else, but it’s going to be updated regularly, gosh darn it, with relevant material.  Even more, I’m going to stay up on Twitter, my Facebook author page, my Amazon author page, my Goodreads author page, and – why not? – my Pinterest page as well.  There are a ton of incredibly useful tools out there and, this year, I’m actually going to get past the fear of promoting myself and my books and start using them. *whew*

3. Work on personal relationships.  This includes my role as mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and everything else.  I definitely have some room to grow in this area and this year I really want to work on being the person I want to be for the people in my life.

So that’s about it.  Again, not really resolutions, but this is what I’d like to do this year.  My intentions.  And as long as I try, I figure it will be a successful year.  After all, it’s the thought that counts;)


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