Finished the book – YAY! Now what to do with the rest of my life

This might seem a bit melodramatic, but after I finish a book – whether reading one or writing one – I go into a bit of a ‘Now what should I do with my life?’ phase.  It’s not that the book I was involved with encompassed the entirety of my existence (I swear my kids still felt loved and were fed and watered properly) but more often than not, I find myself not quite ready to let go of the story I just finished.

For days (*cough* okay, weeks) I’ll replay scenes in my mind.  Oh, I’ll try to move on to another story, become immersed in new characters or another book, but soon I just give up.  I can’t move on until I’m ready to move on and, unfortunately, it takes a lot longer than I’d like to admit.  This is especially true due to my notorious habit of continuing the characters’ stories long past the end of a book. (no, I don’t actually write fan-fiction)

So how do I deal when my head is so full of imagined scenarios for my beloved characters?  Basically, I give in to it.  I learned long ago that fighting the obsession will only make it worse.  So I let my mind go where it wants to go while letting the rest of me move through the daily tasks of a seemingly productive life.  I clean.  I organize. I spend hours on end pinning the fabulous and inspirational on Pinterest – I do anything I can that is menial enough to allow my thoughts to continue wandering through my characters’ world. Eventually I’ll come to a stopping point, or get bored with the storyline, or be hit my the inspiration stick and start in on something new.  But until then, my floors are dusted, my laundry is done, and Magnolia is happily taking on supernatural bad guys with Theo and friends by her side.

All-in-all I could think of worse ways to deal:)


One response to “Finished the book – YAY! Now what to do with the rest of my life

  1. oh wow, you are obsessed! I am like that for a day or two but weeks? wow. 🙂

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