Getting closer…how about another teaser?


With copyedits turned in, dedication and acknowledgments done, I’ll admit, I’m getting excited.  NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED still has five months before it hits the shelves, but here’s a little something to whet that appetite.  Enjoy:)

I gasped as a sudden and almost violent surge of sexual need sliced through me like a blade. My head fell back, and my eyes shut tight. The pulse of energy grew stronger, hotter. “Oh my God,” Marie whispered on a moan, and I knew they all felt it as well.

“Magnolia.” Thirteen’s voice was sharp, grabbed my attention. His eyes were frighteningly wide. “Whatever you are doing, please stop it. Now!” The lightbulb in the lamp beside him shattered.

I breathed in pants, tried to steady myself. This energy came from me—I could feel it spreading out from within me—but I couldn’t control it like my other powers. Damn it, I’d worked too hard these past months to gain complete command of my abilities. Why the hell was this happening now? I could feel the need of every person in the room fueling the need inside me. And the power. I held up my arm. Every hair stood on end. Glowing. Power so great it literally radiated from me and filled the room. Only one other time in my life had this level of pure, golden energy flowed through me, out of me, with such potent force. Even as I thought it, the bittersweet smell of musk and metal wafted through the air. I knew what was happening and I closed my eyes, fighting to hold back the pulsing power inside me.

Theo had just arrived.


One response to “Getting closer…how about another teaser?

  1. OH MY GOSH, I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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