Writer’s Confession – ADD revising

I enjoy revising. I really do.  I like it when I have already created the skeleton of a story and now get the opportunity – or at times have been told by my agent that I absolutely have to – flesh out the details of my story’s world and really bring the book to the next level.  Revising gives me the chance to intentionally disappear into my created world, ignore my reality for a while, and eavesdrop on the most intimate details of my characters and their lives.  So I mean it, I really do like revising.


I have this strange tendency to develop a temporary form of ADD every time I sit down to revise.  Often times I’ll have a scene already formed in my head or have a character’s reaction and emotion all ready to go.  But when the time comes to get it down on paper, more often than not, my brain develops an annoying case of the hiccups.  My vocabulary diminishes.  The story in my mind jumps head three chapters and I have to force myself to stay on task.  It is an extremely frustrating but ultimately inevitable part of my revision process.

How do I deal, you ask?

In a word, Pinterest. I know it sounds crazy to think a website designed for those with adult ADD in mind would help me regain my focus, but it does.  Browsing Pinterest gives my brain a three-to-five minute break of mindless, ‘oh-look-at-that’.  It’s exactly what I need to reboot my thought process.  There is no story line to get distracted by (why I don’t watch TV when I revise), there is no critical thinking (why I don’t pay bills or respond to emails while I revise) – it’s just cool images and neat links that give me the no-brainer boost I need to get back on track.

So, there’s my confession – revising for me means working through my story while updating my Pinterest boards.  In fact, you can probably tell when I am really hard-core revising by how often my boards are updated throughout the day. 😉  We all have our things, right?  And everyone’s writing process is different.  For now, this one works for me.

(If you want to see my Pinterest boards – including ones for NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, Magnolia Kelch, and Heather Lamping – feel free to check them out here.)


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