NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED – Official back cover

It dawned on me today, that while I have posted excerpts from my upcoming novel, NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED, I haven’t posted the synopsis. (oops! My bad.)  So in order to correct this, here it is – the current, official back cover of NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED.  Enjoy!

It’s taken six months, but Magnolia Kelch finally seems to have her new powers under control…and not a moment too soon.  Upon her return home, she’s greeted not by her own team of agents – a group called the Network that is led by her mentor, Thirteen – but by a second Network unit, headed by British agent Colin St. Pierre.  Unfortunately, Theo, a Network agent who shares an intimate connection with Magnolia, doesn’t trust Colin as a new commander.  And when team missions collide, Magnolia finds herself in the middle of Network infighting, asking herself who among those closest to her truly has her best interests at heart.  Still, a greater threat lies on the horizon when someone from Magnolia’s past returns hell-bent on locating the source of Magnolia’s powers and using them for his own sinister purposes.

*queue dramatic music*

August 13 will be here before we know it.  Until then, I’m thinking it’s time to starting peeking a little more into NO LOVE.  Playlists, anyone? 😉


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