New Adult – Why you should be reading it and here’s a giveaway to get you started

Discovering New Adult as a genre has been like a light bulb going off for me:  Yes! This is who I have been writing about and I didn’t even know it!

Magnolia is a defiant, sarcastic, damaged twenty-two year old who thinks she knows everything because of her unique abilities and experiences.  And like every other twenty-two year-old, she is completely wrong.  She’s an adult, eager for the responsibilities and independence that comes with adulthood, but stumbles as she makes way.  She is past the teen angst and feels she has a solid bead on who she is as a person, but finds that her self awareness is challenged at every turn.  She is as vulnerable as she is powerful.  What a great heroine to write!

And now, with the introduction of New Adult, I can read so many other great books that explore what it means to be in this confusing and empowering stage of life.  Like any other genre, New Adult has its romances and mysteries, it’s urban fantasies (like Magnolia), horror, and sci-fi.  It has it all!

It even has it’s own giveaway. 😉

NA banner

New Leaf Literary is launching a great introduction to this new genre with an Addicted to New Adult Giveaway.  Here’s how to enter:

Now go get your NA on! I swear it will be totally worth it!


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