Happy Anniversary NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED!

As one of my dear friends pointed out to me, today is the one year anniversary of the release of my first book NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED!! (and yes, someone had to remind me of this because my head is so far in the clouds these days that I barely knew it was Wednesday, let alone an anniversary day!)

So to celebrate, here’s a cake with a big M for Magnolia. 🙂

(Magnolia's Anniversary Cake!)

(Magnolia’s Anniversary Cake!)


If I’d remembered, I might have planned something special.  But since I forgot, and I already have giveaways galore going on right now (Goodreads, anyone?), I figured I’d just send a thank you and a hug to all of you wonderful folks who helped put Magnolia in the stores:

Thank you to everyone who has read NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, plans to read NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, knows someone who read NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, or has even heard of the book.  Your love, support and continued reading is what brings Magnolia to life.  Hugs and kisses in all your pink places! 😉  Thank you for a great year! – Megan


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