Countdown teaser

The countdown to NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED is here!

Less than two weeks until release day and I thought what better to celebrate than to share a snippet everyday until August 13?  Hope all of you are as excited for the next two weeks to pass as I am! 😉

Rage whipped through me hot and fast. Strangers in my house? Oh, hell no. The porch lights shattered as my power stretched past the bounds of my car. I could tell from their thought patterns that the four inside were nervous but armed. Probably some local drug dealers or something—tough-minded plebes happy to have found an abandoned house to process their product. Bastards. In a blur, I exited the car and moved up the porch steps. They had turned off all the lights. As if I couldn’t find them in the dark. Of course, random squatters wouldn’t know it was someone like me showing up in the middle of the night. Most people had no clue that people with powers like mine even existed in the world. If they had, they probably would have hightailed it for their cars the moment I’d pulled in the drive.

My powers took care of the locks, and I pushed open the front door. The small foyer was dark, and when the door shut behind me, it became even darker. Someone hid in the shadows at my right. Two more in the kitchen ahead. I stepped forward toward the narrow kitchen. Anger simmered through me, but I kept a tight rein on my powers. I reached out to my intruders’ minds once more. The click of a gun cocking sounded at my left. The fourth guy had emerged from the living room. “Stay right where you are,” said a deep, accented voice behind me.

Yeah, right.


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