Countdown Teaser #3

It’s the weekend! Let’s have a little fun with Magnolia and her new Network team! 😉

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“Geez, girl,” Tony said with a soft laugh. “What kind of alcoholic are you?”

I froze putting the cap on my flask. Marie had asked me that same question once. With her, the words had been filled with so much disgust I hadn’t bothered answering. But this time, Tony just seemed curious. I checked his thoughts to be sure. Yep, just curious.

“Uh, well, the buzz helps with my telepathy. Kind of turns the volume down on everyone unless I want to hear them.”

Tony nodded. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Ever tried weed?”

“Er, no. I’ve been drugged enough in my life not to want to do it voluntarily.”

“Why would someone drug you?”

It was such a casual conversation. With my other team, everyone had walked on eggshells around my past. But Tony just asked what he thought—no judgment, just curiosity. It was really kind of…cool.

“Well, my father, actually. I was always kind of the guinea pig when it came to new drugs his company wanted to make. Or if he wanted to sell something illegal, he’d need to know how much to dilute the source for it to have the right effect but still be cost-effective. The drugs never lasted long in my system, but it was enough for him to figure out what he needed.”

Tony frowned. “Man, that’s harsh. My buddy Reece once thought he was just getting some good dope when really the dealer laced it with mescaline. Totally fucked him up for, like, days. Guy went completely straight after that. I couldn’t imagine being given new stuff over and over.” He gave a respectful nod. “You’re a strong chick, you know that?”

I smiled. “Yeah, I know.”


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