NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED Countdown Teaser #5

In NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED, Magnolia’s past was revealed to be truly horrific.  Torture, humiliation, experimentation … Death. She escaped and moved forward – at least to an extent.  But in NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED, Magnolia discovers that childhood memories have a way of rearing up when we least expect them.

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I listened carefully to the other side of the door. My tummy grumbled. If I hadn’t been starving, I wouldn’t leave the dark safety of this strange room. But I’d had to heal a lot last night. Now I was hungry. All was silent. It was still dark outside, and I hadn’t dared to turn on the lights. As quietly as possible, I opened the bedroom door. There were no lights in the hallway, only the tall south-facing windows. When the sun came up, there wouldn’t be very many shadows. I needed to get out of there while it was still dark. I stepped out of the room and stifled a groan. My legs still ached from being broken last night. Father had wanted to see which healed faster: my arms or my legs. He’d made a game of it with his guards. I was strapped down on one of his worktables; he counted to three, then everyone snapped a limb. I’d tried to hold back my power, but when the pain hit, it hurt so badly. A burst of energy had shot out of me, knocking back two of the guards and cutting the third across the face like a knife. Father had been furious. The knives had come out then.

I crept along the wall toward the servants’ stair. Muffled voices came from somewhere nearby. I plastered myself against the wall. Down the hall. The opposite way. Sun started to peek its way into the sky, and for the first time, I could see that the hallway actually ended at a turn. There was another hallway down there.

I’d thought I’d seen all the wings of the main house. Having rarely slept in the same room two nights in a row, I’d been in pretty much every guest room they had. And even though I’d never been down this green hallway, I still knew it was there. That hallway looked really dark; there probably weren’t any tall windows down there. It would be all shadows. A perfect place to hide and heal.

Stay tuned as the Countdown to NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED continues. 🙂


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