NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED – New teaser (#7)

NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED is less than a week away!!

I’m really enjoying posting these teasers each morning – gets my creative juices flowing.  Here’s one that will hopefully peak your interests as well. 🙂

Cover on Amazon

I took a long, slow drink of whiskey and stared out at the falling snow from the front window in the farmhouse’s great room. Secrets and power. That was the essence of my father’s existence. I could so easily remember the details of my torture sessions, the gut-wrenching anticipation of knowing I was about to be found in one of my hiding places or the humiliation of my father’s continued hatred. Those things had been so much the norm in my life that recalling them was nothing more than a matter of fact.

But other memories remained hidden in my mind. Secrets. Like the hallway or the woman—things that I truly hadn’t thought about until tonight, when I knew in the next few days I’d be approaching another guarded door that Father didn’t want breached. What kinds of secrets would I stumble upon this time?


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