Throw-back Thursday in today’s Teaser Countdown

As our countdown to NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED continues, I figured, why not have a Throw-back Thursday Teaser! So here you go – a Network scene from the first in Magnolia’s series, NO PEACE FOR THE DAMNED.

That Magnolia, such a team player. 😉


No one spoke when I entered the kitchen.  I went straight to the fridge and took down my whiskey.  I didn’t look at Thirteen, or Heather, or anyone.  Not even Theo at the other end of the table.  What had he said during their little ‘trust Magnolia’ debate? 

Marie leaned with her bony ass against the far counter.  I poured my drink.  Slowly I met her eyes.  She gulped.  It wasn’t nearly satisfying enough.  I wanted to see her shaking.  Her face paled as her thoughts finally caught up with what the rest of the room had already figured out.  That’s right, bitch – I hear everything.

Thirteen’s cell phone rang.  Several people jumped.  Jon cursed under his breath. Thirteen looked at me as he answered.  His face set in a dire warning. 

Do not touch her, Magnolia.

Gee, was I that obvious?


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