NO LOVE Countdown Teaser – showing some temper

TGIF!!  Heading into the weekend before release day (woo-hoo!!) I thought we all might need a little reminder that Magnolia – try as she might to be a good Network person – still has some wicked Kelch-ness inside of her.

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He stepped back and shifted his stance, got ready to defend himself. In my ear, murmured voices grew frantic back at the surveillance station. I couldn’t hear any of them over the throbbing of hate and rage pounding in my ears. They were all so fucking clueless. They thought they could lead a team against my family? My family? They were nothing. I could kill Jon and everyone else here with a mere thought, and they wanted to pit themselves against the supernatural force that spawned me? I laughed. A dark, terrifying sound that I didn’t even recognize.

Yeah, we’re still working on that whole team-player thing. 😉


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