Release day for NO LOVE FOR THE WICKED!!!


Cover on Amazon

I’m just beside myself thinking that my second book is actually out there.  And that people are actually reading it!! It boggles the mind, truly.

Even more boggling are the number of friends and family and just plain wonderful people who have been blowing up my phone and email with messages of congrats.  You have know idea what that means!!

I would like to take a quick moment and thank all of the folks at 47North for their hard work in getting NO LOVE on the shelves. Also – because they are some of the most incredible people I know – a huge *MWAH!!* to Jo Volpe, Suzie Townsend, Danielle Barthel and everyone else at New Leaf Literary. Dream makers is the only way to describe what those people do.

Finally, let me close with a shout out to my husband who went behind my back to make me these two awesome posters for my little home library.


What a perfect way to combine by love of writing with my love of decorating. 🙂 Hugs and kisses, babydoll!


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