Delayed update … on a delay

My apologies for the lack of news!

Yes, Magnolia’s book 3 has been delayed.  It was planned to be out in August/September and that obviously didn’t happen.  So when will it be out?

I’m not 100% sure.

Due to editor changes and publisher changes it looks like Spring.  I’m sorry I haven’t kept you posted and will really try to do better.

Just know that Magnolia and Theo are as anxious to be seen again as you are to see them. 🙂


2 responses to “Delayed update … on a delay

  1. Elizabeth (@delightdespair)

    I just finished reading both of the Magnolia books in the space of 24 hrs and LOVED them. I headed straight to Google to find out if there would be more. Can’t wait for Spring!

  2. I just did the same! Enjoyed both books very much; well written, great plot, and well developed characters. Spring can’t come soon enough
    ! Well done and thanks for sharing Magnolia and her world.

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