For publicity and review copy requests, please contact Justin Golenbock at  golenboc[at]amazon[dot]com.

For all other requests, please contact my agent, Joanna Volpe at jvolpe[at]newleafliterary[dot]com.



  1. I loved reading your blog! I look forward to meeting you at the mini conference in Cicero in March. Do you think there might be a moment during the conference when you could look at the query I’ve written for my first YA novel and offer advice?

    • Thanks so much, Roberta! I’m really looking for the mini-conference, as well:) I’d love to take a look at your query and congratulations on writing your first YA novel!

  2. I won an ARC copy of No Peace for the Damned and am absolutely dying to read No Love for the Wicked. I was wondering if you are going to be doing a virtural signing for No Love for the Wicked (I have a sick obsession for books signed to me 🙂 Soooo excited for this release.

  3. Picked up first book today around noon. If ished it in three hrs and the turned around and got number 2 around 7 and just finished it at 10:30. I feel bad due to put scooby doo movies in the DVD delayer for kiddos to watch so I could finish theses fantastic books, and it was so worth the mommy guilt. Lol

  4. Omg spelling above is so horrible due to late night with teething kiddos. Lol And I sooooooo can’t wait for book 3.

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